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Jackie is a watercolor photo-realist, a genre which utilizes an extremely fine, detailed technique more typical of oil or egg tempura. Most of Jackie's works are available as giclee prints. Her favorite subjects are people, pets, architecture (especially historical), and landscape. "I have a deep love of nature, history, and architecture, all of which figure prominently in my art. Using watercolor on paper, I strive to capture the intimate relationship between man, nature and art that I see all around me in the picturesque New England countryside."

Jackie French Koller is also the author of over three dozen critically acclaimed books for children and young adults, as well as THE LIBERTY POLE, a serialized novel which appeared in the Boston Globe, the New York Post, and many other newspapers around the country. Another of her novels, IF I HAD ONE WISH, became the original Disney channel movie, YOU WISH in 2003, To learn more about Jackie's  "other life" visit her author site, jackiefrenchkoller.com.
“I find many similarities between writing and painting. Just as characters come alive and take on lives of their own, so do paintings. I particularly love the spontaneity of watercolor. One never knows quite what the paint will do and therein lies the magic!”

Click this Link toVisit Jackie's Author Site: jackiefrenchkoller.com
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